Taking on another photographer's family, and a stunning and brilliant photographer whom I respect and admire (and who I am envious of her amazing use of low-light), is a big, big, big challenge. I know she has done it all in her home and done it smashingly. I certainly wasn't about to set off to even begin to out-do her in any way. For one, that just ain't me. Secondly, why try and do something she has already done. Instead, as a photo-momma myself, I just figured I'd focus on her, since I know she's not in nearly enough of the photos she takes of her family, as am I. I wanted to focus on the whole-family, and the regular, and the simple. What we got was nothing short of awesome. Jump rope games, popcorn, couch forts and a cello concert, just to name a few of the beautiful moments that popped up. Does mom know light? But of course. And we moved to capture the setting sun for some informal and totally imperfect portraits near the end because photographers help photographers out and she wasn't about to let me miss her magic backyard golden hour.  

Cara's work is here. You should totally look her up for family portraiture. 

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