This wonderful and beautiful family reached out to me to see if I would be open to being their oldest's thirteenth birthday present. Wait? What? How does that work? Actually, it works beautifully! For her birthday, and a big one at that, she had requested to have a photographer come and photograph all the people and the activities in her life that she loves. It was a brilliant gift idea and I loved being art directed by this budding visual artist. Some of her requests were to get images of her knitting with her Yia Yia, as well as practicing piano for her. Collecting eggs and caring for their chickens with her Pappous. She wanted images of her and her family interacting, loving each other, snuggling up with their puppy, and just doing all the things that make her thirteen year old heart happy. Funny thing is, those very things make this thirty-seven year old's heart happy too!

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