I raised my first two babies in the city, so I will always have a soft spot for new families who begin this way as well. I loved sitting on our stoop, watching the world go by. I loved pushing my girls in the stroller all over town. I loved visiting our Farmer's Market each week and shopping in the Square. Everything I loved to do as a new mom was set in the city. 

Perhaps that is why this session was one of my favorites of the year, and probably up there for all time. This beautiful family, their gorgeous little guy and super sweet dog took me on a walk through their neighborhood, shared with me their favorite little corners of the city, and just reminded me so much of what my family was like, back when we began, back in our city days. I was honored and excited to spend the afternoon with them, to capture this amazing time, be with people who appreciate the same kind of love and life that I hold dear, in the city and beyond. 

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