When I look at these images I feel every moment in my bones. My heart swells. I laugh out loud. Every single session this year brought me fuller and more deeper into this calling. Every session revealed moments of truth. Sessions were full of love, care, and joy as well as messes, mistakes, and thankfully only a few tears. I captured some big, big, big life moments, and lots of smaller ones. I was welcomed into homes to document regular life. We laughed so much. We played even more. I got really wet often (and sandy and dirty). I kicked my shoes off and chased your kids all over the place. I made couples kiss. A lot. I think I crawled into bed with way more of you than not. You all were absolutely wonderful. You went with me, trusted in me, and made some gorgeous images because of that. 

It's impossible to narrow down all the work we made this year into a "Best Of," but for the sake of a tasty blog post, I did my best to pull up images that I love on a gut level. Every session was unique and every session offered something new and beautiful. I hope they all continue to present these perspectives to me in the future. It's never boring. It's always fun. It's always made with love.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

xo Olivia