It feels easy for me to drop in some dark thinking over this past year. It has been shocking. And so, that is why those who brought the light this year have felt extremely bright and important. And these people and events deserve to be celebrated. I have come to find my community of politically like-minded people and they are my neighbors! And they are so much more than that. The network of solidarity is so much larger than I ever could've hoped for. There is a place for what I feel and how I think, and it is beautiful and deep and rich. This year I was fortunate enough to have explored my craft in the most intimate way and forged relationships with women in a circle that I feel will never break. We swam in beautiful water. We burned fires in the woods. We danced under the Milky Way. My children, my husband, my family all grew in so many ways this year, and we capped it off with the most epic wedding of all time. I am so thankful for my family, who always shows me true happiness, safety and joy. And lastly, the babies. The beautiful babies born this year, two of which I witnessed. 

Thank you for the endless love and support for my photography. It is my calling. It is my peace. Sharing it with the world feels very right.

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