It's a big world out there, no doubt. So it certainly can feel like some magical, serendipitous, golden-hour, sun-flare goodness when you meet an artist online, chit-chat about each other's work and then suddenly find yourselves making art together . . . and it's good. Emily Robinson of Emily Robinson Photography, down in F-L-A absolutely rocks my world photographically. And she made my giddy with her video compilations from her birth stories. It was all I had to see to know that I wanted to do that too! Merge the crafts, learn to make better videos, tell more multidimensional stories. 

We went back and forth, talking shop about video making, photography doing, our own family stories and we decided to challenge ourselves to make one personal video a month, to record our lives with sound and motion and feeling, with the hopes that it would help us become better storytellers all around. 

And you want to know something cool? When we shared our first video with each other, we had such common themes and scenes and subjects that we knew we were doing the right thing working together. Birds, cars, kids on swings . . . all there, all unplanned, and all revealed. 

We named this project of ours Wingspan because that's what these videos give; a maximum reach, an ability to travel within and then span time, and in some ways, the ability to fly.