I have found that the best photography sessions have come from a deep and clear creative understanding between my clients and myself. It starts early on, when we first talk about the session and everyone's goals and expectations. But really it starts even earlier than that. It starts when you take the time to really look through my work and read some of my words. If you have made it this far and you get that warm-fuzzy feeling inside like, "Yes! This is exactly the type of family photography I want!" the rest goes pretty darn smoothly. But, if you are looking through this all (I sincerely hope you have), and you are wondering where the photos of the babies propped up in baskets are, or why there aren't more families in matching polos all sitting on a fence rail smiling at the camera . . . then I'm probably not the photographer for you.

My work is best described as family photojournalism.

It is about celebrating the beauty and originality of your family in an artistic and realistic way. Of course I want you all to look and feel your best! And YES, please bring me to your favorite places! But no session will look like any other, because each session is specialized to who you are and where you are in life at that moment. Be ready to play with your children, jump on the bed, splash in the surf, kiss and cuddle, eat and drink, laugh and even cry . . . allow me to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the power in the simple looks and touches you share. Come as you are, and only you. That's what makes it all so special and so unique.

I love creating unique and spontaneous family portraiture.

Inside or outside, moving or standing still, I look to capture some very classic moments and poses. However, our sessions are so much more than these photos. These photos come and go quickly. These photos are often perfect because they are imperfect. These photos are part of a larger story. 

I honor the details.

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday you'll look back and feel the memory behind an image of a band-aided boo-boo. An untied sneaker. Artwork on the fridge. The color you painted your front door. The matchbox cars in the corner. Your hand in her hair. The rolls on baby's thighs. Trust me, these images matter.

More than anything, my work is real.

For those who shine most when they run free, who can laugh at the messes, and accept the moment for what it is, these are the clients who will always come away with the most real, raw, and beautiful images. I am a mother of three children. I have been there. I pass no judgements. I surround all my clients and families with love and support. I am an educator. Yep. I also have a degree in School Libraries and teach photography at the college level. I love literacy and learning and especially service. I have a special spot in my heart for all families, all the time.

If all this sounds good to you, then let's connect!